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Extraordinary Rendition

By: Hakim Hazik

Maharashtra ij for Marathi Manoos only. If Shah Rukh Khan is fand of his Pakistani brathers he should go and lieuve in Pakistan. There, he will find many Khans, with whom he can pilay kirkit or other games popular in that race. He can sing a duet with Maulana Lakhvi or record a monsoon scene with Hafiz Saeed. Oui will paratect Mumbai against enemy infiltrators such as Shahid Afridi and Rahul Gandhi.

Oui have always protected our homeland a against all fareign invaders, including Mughals, Pathans, Britishers, Tamils, Gujratij, Marawarij, North Indians, Rahul Gandhi and Jaya Bachan.

Rahul Gandhi should watch his words. He ij saying that Mumbai ij far all Indians. I want to tell him, don’t try to become the kaka of Mumbai. Limit yourself to Amethi. Keep yourself to your UP cansti tooency. Otherwise only a miraykle will save you. The valiant Mumabaikars will fight you, like they faught other farner invaders like Aurangzeb and Mohammad Ajmal Kassab.

Oui are the Bhoomi Putras, oui are the true followers of Chhatrapati Shivaji. Oui beat the dynastic Mughal armies and kept the national standard flying. Oui have the ability to fight the dynasts like Rahul Gandhi and Pathan invaders like Afridi and Shah Rukh Khan.

You should not underestimate the technical ability of our devoted sainiks, totally committed to the national cauj. Like Shivaji, we can infiltrate any strongholds of the enemy. Oui can dig up the most clojly guarded kirkit pitches. Go and vijit Phiroj Shah Kotla. Oui can eat up kirkit pitches in the same way that Afridi can eat up kirkit balls. Oui can make sure that no Pakistani kirkiter leauves Mumbai alive. Oui can make sure that no North Indian railwayj worker leauves Mumbai alive.

Hitler was much misunderstood. Before oui make a judgement oui have to egjamine clojly the facts of history. One can not overlook hij ability to inspire a whole nation. One can overlook his murder of a whole nation. He retook Alsace-Lorraine far his nation. I retook Mumbai for the Marathi nation. Both of us dejerve a place in history. Oui need to be wary of the Jewish and North Indian propaganda.

I want to tell Ambani Ji, don’t be too sure of yourself. You can have Reliance. You can sell it in whole or you can make spare parts of your Honda. If on the other hand, you want to stay whole and not be made into spare parts, stay out of Mumbai. You can have Delhi, you can have Chennai, but keep out of Mumbai. Mumbai ij for Marathi Manoos only. Mumbai is alwayj alwayj for Marathi speakers only.

Valentine day is coming up. Oui are accused of not celebrating this festive occasion wholeheartedly. Actually nothing could be further from the truth. Oui send our loved ones gifts that they will cherish. We will make them offers they cannot  refuje. For Ambani Ji, oui are planning the following gift:

Happy Valentine’s day fram Shew Sena

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