Dai Anga

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Mudassar Bashir



ھرنا جت برابر جتنا ہار جہا

وار ملے نہ دوجی کھیڈ ذرا 


مشتاق صوفی 


Win or lose, its all the same

There’s no second chance, lets play the game

Mushtaq Sufi




In the Royal Mughal households, the Royal Nanny was held in utmost respect. The word ‘Dai Anga’ is of Turkish origin. It means a Nanny who has wet nursed the baby. During the reign of Jahangir, a nanny, Zaib un Nisa who had nursed Prince Khurram (Shah Jahan) came to be called Dai Anga. Her husband was a court employee and his name was Murad Khan. Their son Muhammad Rasheed Khan was a renowned marksman of his time. Prince Khurram accorded special respect to Zaib un Nisa. More...

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